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Prices are per source word excluding VAT at the prevailing rate.

Translation agencies Private clients
Basic tariff (WORD documents) per word 0,085€ 0,15€
Vital records, degrees, Birth, marriage, death certificates, divorce, CVs, etc. 35,00€ 35,00€ (1)

(1) Private clients only: If you have several vital records to be translated, we offer a 50% discount on 2nd & subsequent records of the same type and format. This discount does not apply to school, college or university marks records.

Surcharges* :

Urgent document (A) + 40%
Document format(B) :
      - Documents with diagrams, tables, images + 10%
      - Non-Word format + 25%
Certified document, etc.(C) + 25%
Multiple copies(D)
      - Non-certified + 10€/Copy
      - Certified + 15€/Copy

(A) A document is urgent if you need it translated within 24 hours or if it requires a translation rate exceeding an average of 2500 words per day.

(B) Formats other than current word-processing programs: HTML, PDF, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, databases, etc.

(C) Certification, legalization, Apostils or any other method of officialising documents.

(D) Providing several copies of a translation requires extra time, paper and ink!

* In principle, these surcharges are cumulative. If your assignment is subject to several of the above surcharges, please ask us for a quote. Please read our Terms and Conditions (in French).

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